Welcome to 24/7 Online Radio. We stream jazz and classical music 24/7 on our international online radio stations.JIR-logo

Currently the two stations we produce are Jazz International Radio  & Classic International Radio streaming top quality music throughout the day and night. Our sincere thanks to Radionomy who provide the global online hosting and streaming services. Listeners can listen directly via our online streams (jazz and classical), our free Nobex phone and iPad apps or can use other providers such as iTunes and Streema.

We have facebook pages for our stations, ‘liked’ by many of our fans and supporters. The facebook pages provide a place for our listeners to interact with each other and us plus also be kept up to date with news about music events from around the world. Please visit:CRI-logo

  1. Classic Radio International Facebook Page
  2. Jazz International Radio Facebook Page
  3. 24/7 Online Radio Facebook Page

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We are very keen partners and supporters of International Jazz Day. On Jazz Day, we dedicate our programmes to the event.

We look forward to providing you with music to help you stay focused when working and relaxed when you want to chill out. Thank you for visiting our online radio website.


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