24/7 Nature Radio

24/7 Nature Radio


24/7 Nature Radio, our 24/7 internet station, was launched on 30 December, 2019. You can use the Zeno music player above to listen to our 24/7 stream or click on the 24/7 Nature Radio stream.

We are developing a series of ‘Sounds of Nature’ and soundscapes recorded by our team, sound artists and also submitted by listeners (see Credits). Through listening to these recordings, the listener will be able to relax and/or distract themselves from their busy lives. Perhaps a moment of meditation or mindfulness.

We will also include short programmes and interviews about nature, biodiversity, ecopsychology and climate change. Our shows and recordings will also be available on mixcloud and on our 24/7 Nature Radio stream, apps and its main website.

Listen below to our inaugural programme online on 30th December, 2019: Walking on Camber Sands.

Our New Year Eve’s 2020 programme is: Walking in a wood in north west Kent at the end of the decade 31 December 2019.

You can listen to our Nature stream with hours of the sounds of nature in the player below.