Save Internet Radio

HR 1733, known as the Fair Play, Fair Pay Act


For our US listeners, the new US bill (HR 1733, known as the “Fair Play, Fair Pay Act”) has had implications for webcasters. In 2016, many stations have closed down as the music licensing rates are no longer affordable.

Please share the following facebook page with others you know who listen to and appreciate internet radio. When you share, please provide details as to what has been currently happening with internet radio and why it’s imperative to get involved and help. Do email (or call) your congress representative with a short note requesting that the Small Webcaster Agreement (of 2009) be restored for small, non-interactive webcasting. Suggest that this may be written as an addition to HR 1733, or suggest that congress ask Sound Exchange to create a new Small Webcaster Agreement.

Let’s continue to work together as webcasters, internet radio listeners and other internet radio-related services to restore reasonable and affordable music licensing rates to small webcasters.

Does HR 1733 impact upon you?

For the listener: If you are listening to our internet radio streams in the US, you may find that the geo-blocking has prevented you from hearing the stream or listening over our apps.

For the musician: We are not currently accepting new recordings from musicians or their agents.