The Daffodil Perspective with Elizabeth de Brito

The Daffodil Perspective with Elizabeth de Brito



The Daffodil Perspective, the one and only gender equal classical music radio show, produced and presented by Elizabeth de Brito.

The Daffodil Perspective was a revolutionary new radio show, rewriting classical music history with a more accurate and gender balanced account. The Daffodil Perspective is showing how women fit into our current version of classical music history and exploring the stories of these women, their music and monumental achievements while putting them in context by playing an equal number of familiar male composers as well.

The Daffodil Perspective has three aims:

1. Rewrite the past
2. Support the present
3. Inspire the future

Rewriting the past: Every week The Daffodil Perspective is focusing on a different woman, exploring her life and music along with her famous male friends and contemporaries to provide a musical and historical context. In this way The Daffodil Perspective is connecting the dots of classical music history, creating a more accurate account.

Supporting the present: The Daffodil Perspective supports living composers, giving their work a platform to be heard. Each week Contemporary Corner showcases a piece by a living composer. The Daffodil Perspective also supports performers and organisations who are playing music written by women. They are integral to getting music written by women heard and accepted into the canon. The album of the week section features mostly new releases along with a few less recent releases.

Inspiring the future: The Daffodil Perspective believes in a gender balanced future. Every week the show features a complete 50/50 gender split of composers, with as close as possible to equal airtime. The Daffodil Perspective is a solution based organisation. It’s not complaining about the lack of women in concert programmes or new release lists and leaving it there, it’s highlighting the need for change in a positive way and most importantly offering gender balanced solutions that already exist.

The Daffodil Perspective was produced and presented by Elizabeth de Brito. Elizabeth studied piano and clarinet for 10 years, performing with many prestigious organisations including National Youth Wind Ensemble of Great Britain and studying at Junior Guildhall School of Music. In all this time exclusively playing music by white men. Life took her away from focusing on classical music for a decade and in the meantime discovering a passion for music radio. In 2018 Elizabeth discovered that there were hundreds of women who had written classical music over the centuries Elizabeth has since gone back to her classical roots and made it her mission to promote gender equality in classical music.

You can still visit The Daffodil Perspective Mixcloud Webpage.